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How It Works

Quick Deployment 

LENSCAPT deploys quickly with a flick of a thumb and keeps easily once the shot has been taken.

Spring-loaded hinge deploys with a single gesture.

Magnetic clasps keeps your camera with ease.

Easy Setup 

LENSCAPT screws directly on a lens' filter threads or coupled with a step-up/down ring on other lens sizes. A locking ring ensures that it stays on your preferred position.

Screws into the filter thread of your lenses.

Locking ring secures it in your preferred position.

Full Protection 

LENSCAPT is designed with a reinforced inner rim to provide additional protection from impact and dust. Keep your valuable lenses safe.

Keep your valuable lenses safe.

Unobtrusive Clamshell Design 

LENSCAPT opens up to 180 degrees, designed to be unobtrusive when framing your shots. The clamshell design helps it stay out of the way of any accessories from microphones to tripods.

Compatible with most accessories.